New York

New York is one of the most famous cities in the world. Also, it is the most populous in the US. People also call it Big Apple and know its every corner from the films. But NYC is always waiting to open its doors to visitors, but let's explore some of its unknown spots.

Spyscape Spy Museum

Don't expect to learn about the history of spying here, but become a spy for an hour instead. You will find engaging, interactive activities like personality tests, lie detector quizzes, and physical challenges in this museum. At the end of the visit, your actions and answers are debriefed to reveal your personalized spy role. Participation is not obligatory, of course, but brings a lot of fun. Listening to impressive tales about the most prominent spies and checking out the encryption equipment is also exciting, though. 

House of Louis Armstrong

Not every New Yorker knows about this tiny brick house located in Queens. There the legendary jazz trumpeter lived together with his wife, Lucille. The tour guides you through the house rooms and the characters of its inhabitants. The couple had luxury interior decorations and could afford custom-built elements all around the house. Louis was passionate about recording, and that was not music only. Along the tour, you will hear some recordings of routine conversations and even fights between the two. This will definitely give you some insights into the famous musician’s personality, especially if you are his fan.

Tenement Museum

This place does not differ from an ordinary building on the Lower East Side. Because between 1863 and 1935, more than 10,000 immigrants called this place home. The interior of this museum is not extraordinary in contrast to the stories you will hear. Visitors can choose between several guided tours that typically last for an hour. These programs vary by the characters of people that guides tell about: garment workers, actors, or families that tried to run a business through depression times. Children under seven cannot join the tours of the Tenement Museum, while some tours allow only those older than 12 years old.

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